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Ontology Weekly Report (February 14–20, 2023)


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Latest Developments

Development Progress

  • We are 100% done with the Rollup VM design. The White Paper will be published soon.
  • We are 98% done with the Rollup L1<->L2 cross-layer communication.
  • We are 98% done with the Rollup L1<->L2 Token Bridge.
  • We are 99% done with the L1 data synchronization server.
  • We are 92% done with the L2 blockchain browser.
  • We are 19% done with the optimization of EVM Bloom Bit Index.
  • We are 20% done with the optimization of Ledger memory usage.
  • We are 7% done with the optimization of ONT staking liquidity.

Product Development

  • ONTO has updated to 4.4.7, integrated SUI (devnet), Neon (devnet) and Findora chains.
  • ONTO has optimized “Address Book” function; Support for selecting from recent transaction addresses; Improved feature for adding new addresses.
  • ONTO has joined an AMA Twitter Space with Nuls.

  •  ONTO has partnered with KuCoin.

On-Chain Activity

  • 160 total dApps on MainNet as of February 20th, 2023.
  • 7,351,150 total dApp-related transactions on MainNet, an increase of 24,613 from last week.
  • 18,360,077 total transactions on MainNet, an increase of 34,768 from last week.

Community Growth

  • We started our Weekly Community Call Series — “ Thursday Talks”. We covered some insights on how Tiktok helps people to generate more interesting content based on Web3, especially for non-crypto users. Users expressed their insights around this and actively engaged.
  • We held our Telegram weekly Community Discussion led by Ontology Loyal Members, continuing the topic on “how decentralized identity runs as the underlying infrastructure in the VR & AR world”. Besides, we also covered some insights about the crackdown of Kraken Exchange. Participants got the chance to win Loyal Member NFTs.
  • As always, we’re active on Twitter and Telegram, where you can keep up with our latest developments and community updates.

Global News

  • Continuing our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we’re very pleased to ask Ontology Community Moderator, Mathus Ginoa a few questions.

In the Media

Automotive World- How will Web3 and blockchain shape mobility supply chains?

Blockchain technology is attracting interest from the automotive industry because of its potential to securely facilitate payments for both vehicles and vehicle parts without the risk of losing data.

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