Careers at Ontology

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Who we are

Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform. Ontology's unique infrastructure supports robust cross-chain collaboration and Layer 2 scalability, offering businesses the flexibility to design a blockchain that suits their needs. With a suite of decentralized identity and data sharing protocols to enhance speed, security, and trust, Ontology’s features include ONT ID, a mobile digital ID application and DID used throughout the ecosystem, and DDXF, a decentralized data exchange, and collaboration framework. Since 2017, Ontology has been building a global team of industry experts, specialists, and academics. As a leading global blockchain project, we offer our employees a world of potential, helping them in their professional development and to achieve their career goals. Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, we want to hear from you! Apply now via careers@ont.io.

Current Opportunities

Global Marketing Manager
1. Drive and shape the global marketing strategy and be responsible for its execution
2. Responsible for brand positioning, event coordination and increasing the brand influence in European and North American market
3. Responsible for technology and product marketing with a diversified media portfolio
4. Directly report to the Co-founder
English Content Editor
1. Sort and select initial sources of content
2. Translate and edit the content from Chinese into English
3. Establish and manage distribution channels, e.g. linkedin, twitter, email, etc
4. Support distribution partnership development with other European Medias
Solution Architecture Manager, Ontology in Europe
1. You'll be responsible for developing industry-centric solution architecture strategies for Ontology in Europe, with its partner organizations locally and globally. You'll also support the globalization strategy of Ontology in Europe and build the team locally;
2. You will be working with multi-national company clients and SME clients in identifying, designing and facilitating execution of the technical solution needed by the clients;
3. You will also support business leads generation in solution consultancy, including analyzing client business needs, providing solution architecture presentations, and answering technical integration and deployment related questions;
4. You’ll be comfortable and effective in remote collaboration with colleagues in Europe, Asia and Americas.
Content Operations Associate
1. Manage and operate social media platforms ex. Weibo, WeChat, Facebook
2. Build and maintain productive relationships with media contacts and execute effective content operation strategies and push effective implementation
3. Draft and edit press releases, key messages, briefing documents, talking points, statements, and other marketing materials
Community Operations Associate
1. Responsible for the operation of the company's projects and the management of online platform account and community content editing and promotion
2. Track the effectiveness of community promotion, use efficient operation ways to increase user activation, improve the conversion rate of products and increase the number of followers
3. Plan and do online and offline activities, catch hot topics and use creative solutions to increase user interest and build product branding
4. Manage user reviews and customer service related matters
Solutions Consultant
1. Assist the business team with overseas customers communication, explore customer needs and combine with technical products, formulate solutions and promote business applications and the landing of project
2. Bridge the customer’s CTO and BD team, including business conversation, report, research and solution production
3. Collect customer’s needs and participate in product design
4. Develop and continuously optimize the work process, control project progress, evaluate risks and accelerate cross-departmental cooperation
Product Manager
1. Blockchain product-related work, including user research, user demand mining, feasibility analysis, etc. Product roadmap, product prototype, product function design, product requirement specification and other documents
2. research and analyze industry, target customers and competitive environment, research and develop product strategy
3. organization of on-line operation of products, quantitative analysis of data, design and execution of operation plan
4. pay attention to feedback from competitors and users, make accurate analysis with reasonable data, identify problems and provide corresponding product solutions to improve products
1. Legal research
2. Contracts draft and review under supervision
3. Translation of legal documents
4. Other assignments by the legal department
Cryptography Developer
1. Development activities include development, proposing architectural decisions, participating in designs, design review, code review and implementation
2. Identify issues and implement solutions to complex problems in the blockchain protocol
3. Analyze and solve difficult problems across the blockchain protocol
4. Work closely with operations and infrastructure to build high scale backend services
5. Management of documentation of all code and functionalities implemented
6. Translate state-of-art research work into practical outputs (code prototypes, demos, libraries)
DeFi Strategist
1. Coding: architect DeFi products based on research results with Java, Golang, or C++
2. Surfing: always keep an eye on cutting-edge information among all social media platforms, including twitter, medium, etc.
3. Modelling: build financial mathematical models with Python
4. Farming: design quantitative strategy to generate the profit from time to time
Golang Developer
1. Responsible for developing blockchain core protocols, including smart contract, point-to-point network protocol, consensus algorithm etc.
2. Responsible for developing governance mechanism, economic model
3. Develop related products’ application
Senior Front-end Developer
1. Develop with various Web technologies, make standard optimized code, and add interactive dynamic functions, through technology to improve user experience, basic platform construction
2. HTML5 and WeChat mini program development
3. GUI component library development
Senior JAVA Developer
1. Responsible for system function modules development
2. Responsible for designing back-end code, unit testing and coding
3. Responsible for troubleshooting and solving system problems to maintain the system operation normally
4. Responsible for optimizing and upgrading the system
5. Responsible for writing technical documents to support further development
Solidity Developer
1. Develop blockchain-based decentralized applications for enterprise use
2. Work with existing contracts and implement new features based on the project’s pipeline
3. Research and test new technologies to use for the current project
Senior Automation Test
1. Assist intelligent contract developers to complete contract functional testing
2. Verify smart contract security issues and edge testing
3. Proficient in API testing and scenario testing of the underlying virtual machine of the intelligent contract, experience in unit testing is a plus
4. Proficient in using java-sdk, go-sdk, etc, experience in ts-sdk is a plus
5. Research and be familiar with other public link platforms is a plus, such as ethereum, EOS and other contract intelligence testing processes