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Empowering Decentralized Identity with Enhanced Blockchain Technology and Information Security

Ontology remains dedicated to building the infrastructure and delivering the tools essential for powering Web3, with a particular focus on decentralized identity (DID). ONT ID, the cornerstone of Ontology's decentralized identity framework, is crafted to be both trustless and private, ensuring users have complete control over their personal data and advancing our mission to create secure and user-friendly identity verification systems. 

Our Verifiable Credentials Software Development Kits (VC SDKs) for Go and Java developers, which have been open-sourced to encourage community collaboration, are a key part of this commitment. The ongoing integration of these SDKs has brought about substantial enhancements to ONT ID, including significant improvements to Mercury—our secure, trustless, DID-based peer-to-peer communication protocol—as well as to ONT Login, our universal authenticator, and ONT TAG, our Trust Anchor Gateway. 

These enhancements have made our decentralized identity solutions more compatible and easier to use, thereby expanding Ontology’s ecosystem collaboration and accelerating the adoption of DID solutions on a large scale. 

Enhancements in Mercury 

Mercury serves as a trustless, peer-to-peer decentralized communication protocol that enables entities to securely exchange messages, verifiable credentials, and presentations. This protocol is vital for facilitating easier integrations of decentralized identity solutions by both Web3 and Web2 application developers. 

The protocol delineates various DID-based sub-protocols to establish connections and transmit messages, credentials, and presentations between entities. These include: 

Connection Protocol: Establishes secure links between different entities. 

General Message Exchange Protocol: Allows for the encrypted and secure exchange of messages. 

Verifiable Credential and Presentation Transmission Protocol: Facilitates the issuance, presentation, and verification of credentials securely. 

Within Mercury, communication is managed through three types of agents: 

User Agent: Operates under the control of the end user, storing secret keys and verifiable credentials locally for secure communication. 

Cloud Agent: Facilitates message routing and storage when continuous connectivity isn’t feasible. 

Service Agent: Issues verifiable credentials and manages public DID profiles, enhancing the security of digital interactions. 

Ongoing Upgrades to ONT Login and ONT TAG 

ONT Login and ONT TAG continue to evolve, offering robust features that enhance the decentralized authentication landscape: 

ONT Login enhances user experience with a seamless, secure login process, making it easier for developers to implement and manage. 

ONT TAG offers an open and decentralized platform for KYC services, integrating off-chain data within trustable verifiable credentials. 

Looking forward, both systems will support additional decentralized identifier methods and integrate with decentralized domain naming systems like Ethereum Name Service (ENS). 

Join Ontology in Shaping the Future of Decentralized Identity 

Ontology's commitment to leading the development of industry-standard DID tools and solutions is foundational to creating a safer Web3 environment for businesses, entities, and users. As part of our effort to drive innovation, we invite developers, innovators, and enthusiasts to get involved. Please complete this form to contribute to our $10 million initiative aimed at enhancing decentralized identity solutions. Together, we can make the digital world more secure, interoperable, and user-friendly. Read more about our initiative.