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Ontology Loyal Member NFT

In order to acknowledge and reward those who participate in Ontology’s events and contribute to our weekly discussions, we are launching a loyalty program! Engage with the community and receive NFTs. Collect enough NFTs to win ONG rewards!

Ontology’s Loyal Member program aims to boost the community’s knowledge about Web3 and blockchain, as well as decentralized identity solutions. It is also a way for us to give back to community members who contribute to our events and grow with the Ontology family. Ontology is going to give away NFTs to specific community members whose contributions stand out. Members who collect 10 Loyal Member NFTs can receive 50 ONG.

The Loyal Member program gives Ontology community members the opportunity to learn more about our ecosystem and each other. We hope to facilitate more connections with our community members and encourage a welcoming atmosphere for new members interested in blockchain technology.

How to Attend

Join our Telegram group and share your topic with the hashtag #Topic directly in the group channel. 

At the end of our weekly Tuesday Community Call, we will have an anonymous vote for your favorite topic for Wednesday. The most popular topics will be discussed at 9am UTC on Wednesdays.

Some potential topics include DID, Web3 and NFTs. Bring your own idea to the table and share it with the community.

Our study panel will be held on a weekly basis. Those who are active and participate will be noted by admins and will receive a special NFT acknowledging their contributions.

The first 10 members to receive 10 NFTs will be awarded 50 ONG each.

How to Claim

We will collect active members’ Ontology addresses to airdrop the NFTs. Once the NFTs reach 10, we’ll distribute 50 ONG to the related address. Each member/address can only receive ONG once.

Note: The Ontology Team reserves the final right of interpretation of the above event.