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Ontology Monthly Report — May

May has been an exceptional month filled with community engagement, significant development progress, and exciting new initiatives. Here’s a detailed look at our accomplishments and updates over the past month:

Community and Web3 Influence 🌐🤝

  • Emoji Contest Launch: We kicked off May with a fun emoji contest, inviting the community to express their creativity and engagement.

  • New Article on KYC: A new article discussing the integration of KYC within decentralized identity frameworks was published, enhancing understanding of regulatory compliance in blockchain.

  • Community Update on X Space: Our first community update hosted on X space was a hit! Don’t worry if you missed the live session; you can listen to the recording on our platform.

  • DID Fund Quest on Zealy: To engage more people in the DID world, we launched a quest related to our DID Fund on Zealy, fostering deeper community involvement.

  • Galxe Homepage Feature: Our DID quest was featured on the homepage of Galxe, spotlighting our efforts in decentralized identity.

  • MEFConnects in London: We had the opportunity to attend MEFConnects in London, sharing insights and developments from Ontology.

  • Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebration: We celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day with the community sending pizzas and tagging Ontology — a fun and engaging activity for all!

Development/Corporate Updates 🔧

Development Milestones 🎯

  • Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function: Progress in our EVM Trace Trading Function has reached 87%, enhancing our capabilities within the EVM space.
  • ONT to ONTD Conversion Contract: Development has progressed to 52%, streamlining the conversion process for our users.
  • ONT Leverage Staking Design: Now at 37%, this feature aims to provide innovative staking options to the Ontology community.

Events and Partnerships 🤝

  • AMA with Sugar Kingdom NFT: We discussed our DID fund and its implications for digital identity in the NFT space.

  • Space with Port3 Network and Portal Finance: Engaging discussions were held about decentralized networking and Portal’s role as a liquidity hub for Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions.

  • Binance Live Session with Karmaverse: We joined Karmaverse on Binance live, sharing insights and updates about Ontology’s advancements.

  • ONG Listing by CoinDCX: One of India’s leading exchanges, CoinDCX, has listed ONG, expanding our reach within the Indian market.

ONTO Wallet Developments 🌐🛍️

  • NFT Giveaway with XSTAR: An exciting NFT giveaway was hosted in collaboration with XSTAR, offering unique collectibles to our community members.

  • Inclusion in NULS World: ONTO is now featured within NULS world, broadening our visibility and user engagement.

  • New ONTO Version Release: The latest version of ONTO was launched, introducing new features and enhancements to improve user experience.

On-Chain Metrics 📊

  • dApp Growth: The total number of dApps on our MainNet remains robust at 177, demonstrating a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.
  • Transaction Growth: We observed an increase of 8,914 dApp-related transactions and 815 MainNet transactions this month, indicating active and growing network utilization.

Community Engagement 💬

  • Vibrant Discussions: Our social platforms have been buzzing with discussions and insights, driven by the passion and engagement of our community members.
  • Recognition through NFTs: Active community members were celebrated with the issuance of NFTs, acknowledging their contributions and involvement.