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Ontology Weekly Report (April 9th — Apr 15th, 2024)

Welcome to another vibrant week at Ontology, where we continue to break new ground and foster community connections. Here’s what’s been happening:

🎉 HighlightsInsights from PBW: 

  • We’ve gathered incredible insights from our participation at PBW. These learnings are guiding our path forward in the blockchain space.

  • Lovely Wallet Giveaway: Our new campaign with Lovely Wallet has kicked off! Join in for a chance to win exciting prizes.

Latest Developments

  • Twitter Space Success: Last week’s Twitter space was a hit, drawing a great crowd. Make sure you tune in next time to join our live discussions

  • Token2049 Dubai Ticket Draw: Congratulations to the lucky winner of a ticket to Token2049 Dubai! Stay tuned for more opportunities.

Development Progress

  • Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function: Now at 85%, we are closer than ever to enhancing our EVM capabilities significantly.
  • ONT to ONTD Conversion Contract: We’ve hit the 50% milestone, streamlining the conversion process for improved user experience.
  • ONT Leverage Staking Design: Progress has advanced to 35%, bringing us closer to launching this innovative staking option.

Product Development

  • TEAMZ Web3/AI Summit 2024: We’re pumped to be part of the upcoming summit in Tokyo.

  • UQUID on ONTO APP: You can now access UQUID directly through the ONTO app, simplifying your digital transactions.

  • Top 10 dApps on ONTO: Our latest list highlights the most popular and impactful dApps in the Ontology ecosystem.

On-Chain Activity

  • Stable dApp Count: We maintain a strong portfolio of 177 dApps on MainNet, demonstrating robust ecosystem health.
  • Transaction Growth: This week saw an increase of 3,313 dApp-related transactions and a substantial rise of 27,993 in total transactions on MainNet, reflecting vibrant network activity.

Community Growth

  • Engaging Community Discussions: Our platforms on Twitter and Telegram are buzzing with the latest developments. Join us to stay connected and contribute to the conversations.
  • Special Telegram Discussion: Led by Ontology Loyal Members, this week’s discussion on “Ontology’s EVM Testnet Unlocks New Horizons in Blockchain Innovation” was particularly enlightening.