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Ontology Weekly Report (Mar 26th — Apr 1st, 2024)

This week at Ontology was filled with exciting developments, insightful discussions, and notable progress in our journey towards enhancing the Web3 ecosystem. Here’s a recap of our latest achievements:

🎉 Highlights

Meet Ontonaut: We’re thrilled to introduce Ontonaut, our official mascot, who will be joining us on our journey to explore the vast universe of Ontology!

Latest Developments

  • Digital Identity Insights: Geoff shared his expertise on digital identity in a new article, contributing to our ongoing discussion on the importance of decentralized identity solutions.

  • Web3 Wonderings: Our latest session focused on Farcaster Frames, providing valuable insights into this innovative platform. Make sure to catch up with the recording if you missed the live discussion!

  • Exploring EVM’s: A new article detailing the intricacies of Ethereum Virtual Machines was published, offering a deep dive into their functionality and potential.

Development Progress

  • Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function: Progressing steadily at 75%, we continue to enhance our capabilities within the EVM, aiming to bring innovative solutions to our ecosystem.
  • ONT to ONTD Conversion Contract: Development is ongoing at 40%, working towards simplifying the conversion process for our users.
  • ONT Leverage Staking Design: At 25%, this initiative is set to introduce new staking mechanisms, providing more flexibility and opportunities for ONT holders.

Product Development

ONTO Welcomes Kita: We’re excited to announce that Kita is now listed on ONTO, further diversifying the range of options available to our users.

On-Chain Activity

  • dApp Stability: The ecosystem continues to thrive with 177 dApps on MainNet, demonstrating the robust and dynamic nature of Ontology.
  • Transaction Growth: This week saw an increase of 5,860 dApp-related transactions and 24,890 total transactions on MainNet, indicating active engagement and utilization within our network.

Community Growth

  • Engaging Discussions: Our platforms, including Twitter and Telegram, have been buzzing with lively discussions on the latest developments and community interactions. We encourage everyone to join us and be part of our vibrant community.
  • Telegram Discussion on DID: Led by Ontology Loyal Members, this week’s focus was “The Dawn of DID,” shedding light on the evolving landscape of digital identity and its implications.