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Ontology Weekly Report (Nov 27th — Dec 4th, 2023)


We are celebrating our 6th year anniversary! 🎊

This week marks a significant milestone for Ontology, as we celebrate six years of innovation and growth in the realm of Web3 and decentralized identity. We’re thrilled to share this journey with our incredible community!

Latest Developments

  • Our Partner Campaign with Dmail: Our exciting collaboration with Dmail, kicked off this week! This partnership represents a new chapter in our journey towards a more connected and decentralized world.

  • Celebration Space Success: Our joint celebration space with our partners was a huge hit, with over 400 tune-ins! It’s heartwarming to see such vibrant community engagement.

  • Community Update on Discord: As per our tradition, we held our community update on Discord, continuing our commitment to transparent and open communication.

Development Progress

  • Ontology Batch Trading RPC: We’re 80% done! Our team is working tirelessly to bring this robust feature to you.
  • Account Abstraction Research: We’ve reached the halfway mark at 50%. This research is crucial for advancing user experiences in decentralized systems.
  • ERC20 Payment System in AA Account: Another 50% completion here! This development is key for seamless transaction experiences.

Product Development

  • ONTO Wallet’s AMA with UQUID: A successful and insightful AMA session was held, shedding light on various aspects of our growing ecosystem.

  • Partnership with UQUID: We’re proud to announce that ONTO has listed UQUID, marking the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful partnership.

On-Chain Activity

  • dApps on MainNet: We now have 165 total dApps on MainNet as of December 4th, 2023.
  • dApp-Related Transactions: A significant increase to 7,708,844 total transactions, up by 34,506 from last week.
  • Total Transactions on MainNet: Reached 19,092,048, a notable rise of 23,769 from the previous week.

Community Growth

  • Telegram Discussion on DAOs and DID: Hosted by Ontology Loyal Members, this discussion explored the financial aspects of DAOs and decentralized identity, offering new insights and perspectives.
  • Stay Connected: Don’t forget, we’re always active on Twitter and Telegram! Join us there for the latest updates and community interactions.