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Ontology Weekly Report (November 14th - November 20th)

Highlights 🌟

  • Strategic Partnership: Ontology is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Bware Labs! This collaboration aims to turbocharge blockchain scalability and efficiency, paving the way for a more robust digital future. 🚀

Latest Developments 🔥

  • Staking Success: Exciting news for ONT stakers! Our APR skyrocketed to an impressive 61%! A fantastic opportunity for those looking to maximize their investments. 📈

  • Innovative Discussion: Our latest talk focused on “Data-Driven Emotion with AI” has sparked fascinating conversations. It’s all about blending technology with human emotion. 🧠💓

  • Community Engagement: We’ve seen an incredible surge in our community updates, with attendee numbers doubling! Your enthusiasm fuels our mission. 🤗

  • Community Call: Our live session with Polaris was a hit! Thanks for joining and sharing your valuable insights. 🌟

Development Progress ⚙️

  • Batch Trading RPC: We’re making great strides with the Ontology batch trading RPC, currently 70% complete.
  • Account Abstraction Research: Progressing steadily at 40%.
  • ERC20 Payment System: Our work on integrating an ERC20 payment system in AA accounts is 20% underway.

Product Development 🛠

  • ONTO Wallet: The October report is out! Dive into the latest updates and features. 📊

  • Expanding Horizons: ONTO Wallet shared a Twitter Spaces with FIO protocol.

  • Collaborative Giveaway: A fun joint giveaway with OPNS.

  • New Partnerships: Exciting collaboration established with Optimism Name Service.

On-Chain Activity 📊

  • Growing Ecosystem: Our MainNet now boasts 165 dApps.
  • Transaction Surge: A significant increase in dApp-related transactions, now totaling 7,704,338 — that’s 3,693 more than last week!
  • Overall Transactions: An impressive tally of 19,068,279 total transactions, up by 12,288 from the previous week.

Community Growth 🌱

  • Engaging Discussions: Our Telegram discussion led by Ontology Loyal Members on “DeFi 2.0: What is it and why does it matter?” was a huge success!
  • Stay Connected: Keep up with our buzzing activity on Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates and community events.