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Ontology Weekly Report (October 17th — 23rd, 2023)

Hey Ontology Community! We’re here to fill you in on all the exciting things that happened this week. From new partnerships to technical advancements, we’ve been busy building a more secure and equitable digital world. 🌏

Highlights of the Week 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with UQUID! This collaboration brings us one step closer to our vision for Web3. 🤝

Development Milestones 🔧

  • Contract Development of ONT Staking: We’re almost there, folks! Our contract development for ONT Staking is 98% complete! 🎯
  • Frontend Development of ONT Liquid Staking: We’re putting the final touches on the frontend for ONT Liquid Staking with 96% completion. 🎨
  • Ontology Batch Trading RPC: Work is progressing smoothly; we’re now halfway there at 50%. 🛠️
  • Account Abstraction Research: We’ve made a 15% progress in this innovative area. 📚

Product Development 💡

  • ONTO Wallet on Scroll mainnet soon!

We’re thrilled to announce that ONTO Wallet will soon be available on Scroll mainnet. Keep an eye out for this exciting development!

  • Explain ONTO’s domain service

We’re eager to introduce you to ONTO’s domain service. It’s an integral part of how we’re streamlining user experience and security. Stay tuned for more details.

  • ONTO Wallet published September monthly report

- Our monthly report is out, and it’s packed with insights and updates. Don’t miss it!

  • ONTO published user feedback quest summary

 - Your feedback is invaluable to us! We’ve summarized the insights from our recent user feedback quest to keep you in the loop.

On-Chain Metrics 📊

  • Total dApps on MainNet: As of October 23rd, 2023, there are 164 total dApps on MainNet.
  • Total dApp-related transactions on MainNet: The number has reached 7,693,455, marking an increase of 1,948 from last week.
  • Total transactions on MainNet: We’ve hit 19,017,637 total transactions, increasing by 6,820 from the previous week.

Community Updates 🤗

This week, our Ontology Loyal Members led an enlightening Telegram discussion on “Understanding the Blockchain Trilemma.” As always, we’re active on Twitter and Telegram where you can keep up with our latest developments. 📣

Global News 🗺️

We continue to hold our weekly Thursday Talks, and this week the focus was on “Techno optimists, building a better future.” We discussed how emerging technologies can be harnessed to create a more equitable and efficient society.

Ontology made headlines as we were featured on Newslead. The article highlighted our dedication to pushing the boundaries of decentralized identity and data management.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey! We’re not just a project; we’re a community united by a shared vision for a more equitable digital world. 🌏Until next week! 🚀