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Ontology Weekly Report (June 27 — July 3, 2023)


We are thrilled to celebrate 5 years of Ontology MainNet! Join us as we reflect on our remarkable journey, significant milestones, and the exciting developments that have shaped the past year. Together, we are forging the future of Web3 and decentralized identity solutions.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

● We are making excellent progress with the high ledger memory usage optimization, currently at 90% completion.

● The EVM bloom bit index optimization is also at an advanced stage, with 90% of the work completed.

● The optimization of ONT liquid staking is at 85%, bringing us closer to an enhanced staking experience.

Product Development

● The team at ONTO has recently published an informative article about wallet security, providing valuable insights and best practices to ensure the safety of your digital assets.

● In collaboration with Signtn on Galxe, ONTO has launched an exciting giveaway event, offering participants the chance to win exclusive rewards.

● We had a successful AMA session in the ONTO Telegram group, where we engaged with the ALITA community, addressing their questions and sharing valuable information.

● We are thrilled to announce new partnerships with SPACE ID, DEGAME, and Loyalty3, expanding our network and ecosystem.

On-Chain Activity

● Ontology MainNet now hosts a total of 164 dApps, showcasing the vibrant and growing ecosystem.

● We witnessed a significant increase in dApp-related transactions on MainNet, reaching 7,653,752, reflecting the active engagement and usage of decentralized applications.

● The total number of transactions on MainNet rose to 18,872,507, indicatingt he growing adoption and utilization of Ontology’s blockchain network.

Community Growth

● Our Weekly Community Call Series continued with a thought-provoking discussion on “Government as DAOs,” where community members shared valuable insights and ideas for building the Harbinger DAO.

● The Telegram weekly Community Discussion, led by Ontology Loyal Members, delved into the topic of “What is liquidity,” fostering engaging conversations and providing participants with opportunities to win exclusive Loyal Member NFTs.

●We hosted the Ontology Monthly Quiz, enabling community members to earn ONG rewards through TaskOn and participate in the quiz activity in our Telegram group.

● Our vibrant Philippine community organized a chess campaign, with rewards distributed via ONTO wallet, promoting engagement and camaraderie among community members.

● Stay connected with us on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated with the latest developments, community updates, and exciting announcements.

Global News

● We are excited to announce that Ontology’s episodes are now available on Spotify, where we share captivating discussions and provide valuable insights into the world of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

● We are grateful to Messari for providing a special discount to the Ontology community for their MainNet event tickets, fostering closer collaboration and participation.

● In our latest OWN101 series, we explore the concept of “Sharding,” a technique that enhances scalability and performance by partitioning a blockchain’s data and processing across multiple nodes or shards.

● Our comprehensive monthly report for June is now published, covering updates on node.ont.io, the listing of ONT ID on Optimism’s ecosystem page, and other noteworthy progress in product and community development.