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Ontology Weekly Report (June 6–12, 2023)


Ontology made a joint TwitterSpaces together with Alchemy Pay, talking about on-ramps, payments, and how it impacts our crypto community.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

● We are 100% done with the optimization of ONT liquid staking.

● We are 95% done with the high ledger memory usage optimization.

● We are 90% done with the EVM bloom bit index optimization.

● We are 15% done with the test and deployment of ONT liquid staking.

Product Development

● ONTO partnered with Mortonn and held an AMA in the ONTO telegram group.

● ONTO partnered with Opside.

● ONTO published an article covering “What are Domain Services in Crypto Wallets?

On-Chain Activity

● 164 total dApps on MainNet as of June 12th, 2023.

● 7,604,069 total dApp-related transactions on MainNet, an increase of 22,794 from last week.

● 18,791,448 total transactions on MainNet, an increase of 36,557 from last week.

Community Growth

● We held our Weekly Community Call Series. We talked about the SEC regulatory measures and what it means for a traded item to be a security. Users expressed their insights around this and actively engaged.

● We held our Telegram weekly Community Discussion led by Ontology Loyal Members, discussing:“Hard Forks”. Participants got the chance to win Loyal Member NFTs.

● As always, we’re active on Twitter and Telegram, where you can keep up with our latest developments and community updates.

Global News

● Ontology Loyal Members Sasen and Furst joined a TwitterSpace with Crypto Wallet, talking about “How Decentrilized Identitity changed community members’ life”.

● It’s time for another edition of OWN101, and this week we’re diving into the intriguing world of “Hard Forks”!

● ChangeNow published an excellent blog, introducing the Ontology blockchain ecosystem.