Trust Redefined

A blockchain for self-sovereign ID and Data

The Solutions

Automotive Solutions

The next generation of in-vehicle operating systems will provide human-vehicle interaction and micro-payment scenarios based on smart contracts. Ontology is looking forward to building an open and intelligent advanced driving platform OS, powered by unique blockchain features.

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Data Marketplace

Ontology’s decentralized data marketplace is designed to allow individuals and organizations to monetize and acquire data in a trusted, standardized, and cost-effective manner.

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Data Attestation

Ontology-powered decentralized attestation methods for blockchains include certification, identity, and existence proofs which help make the process cryptographically publicly-verifiable and transparent.

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Digital Finance

Ontology makes it easier for established and emerging companies to move into the banking and financial sector using blockchain-powered technologies such as stablecoins, payment networks, and crypto-backed cards.

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Ontology is committed to building a transparent ecosystem. Through our partnership with Flipside Crypto, our continuous efforts to update and improve our blockchain explorer, our dedication to providing regular updates on our token distribution and lock periods, as well as the delivery of weekly and monthly updates across our social channels, we endeavor to create an unparalleled experience.

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