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Ontology Monthly Report - June

June has been a transformative month at Ontology, marked by significant community growth, strategic partnerships, and development milestones that continue to drive our commitment to enhancing the blockchain landscape. Here’s a recap of our key activities and achievements over the past month:

Community and Web3 Influence 🌐🤝

  • Invite Campaign: We launched an invite campaign to expand our vibrant community, welcoming new members to join and contribute.

  • Web3 Happenings: Our discussion on “On-Chain Summer” was highly engaging, providing valuable insights into seasonal trends in blockchain.

  • Australia Node Activation: The Ontology Australia node X account is now operational, enhancing our network’s reach and staking capabilities.

  • Insightful Articles: Don’t miss our latest publications discussing critical topics like blockchain and security, as well as an updated article explaining ONT ID.

  • Ontology DID Quest on Zealy: We’ve launched the Ontology DID quest on Zealy to engage our community in practical applications of decentralized identity technologies. This initiative aims to enhance understanding and utilization of DIDs within our ecosystem.

Development/Corporate Updates 🔧

Development Milestones 🎯

  • Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function: We’ve achieved 96% completion, significantly enhancing our capabilities within the EVM space.
  • ONT to ONTD Conversion Contract: Progress has reached 66%, streamlining the conversion process for our users.
  • ONT Leverage Staking Design: Now at 46%, this development is poised to offer innovative staking options to our community.

Events and Partnerships 🤝

  • Community Calls and AMAs: This month included a community call with UQUID, an AMA discussing TradFi interoperability with KIMA, and a French-language AMA with Bitget.

  • New Partnerships: We’ve established strategic partnerships with DxSale and XWorldGames, and launched a new campaign with Torus chain.

ONTO Wallet Developments 🌐🛍️

  • New Listings and Partnerships: ONTO listed Pambii and announced a fresh partnership, expanding our ecosystem.

  • Exciting Giveaways: We hosted NFT giveaways with The Ninth, NFTFeed and XSTAR, engaging the community with unique digital collectibles.

On-Chain Metrics 📊

  • dApp Growth: The total number of dApps on our MainNet remains strong at 177, indicating a dynamic and thriving ecosystem.
  • Transaction Growth: This month saw an increase of 1,169 dApp-related transactions and 10,519 MainNet transactions, showcasing active network utilization.

Community Engagement 💬

  • Vibrant Discussions: Our social platforms have been buzzing with discussions and insights, fueled by the enthusiasm and engagement of our community members.
  • Recognition through NFTs: We’ve recognized the contributions of active community members with the issuance of NFTs, celebrating their involvement and support.