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Ontology Weekly Report (June 11th — June 17th, 2024)

This week at Ontology has been bustling with exciting developments, partnerships, and community engagements. Here’s a detailed update on our progress and activities:

Latest Developments

  • Ontology Australia Node: We’re excited to announce that Ontology Australia node now has its own channel! Follow for updates and learn more about node staking on Ontology.

  • AMA with Bitget — Ontology French: The French community enjoyed an engaging AMA session with Bitget, discussing future collaborations and community questions.

  • Web3 Happenings: Did you join our Web3 happenings this week? Stay tuned for more insightful sessions!

  • New Article on Blockchain and Digital Identity: A fresh article discussing blockchain’s role in digital identity has been published. Check it out to understand how blockchain technology is shaping secure digital ecosystems.

  • Community Updates Coming Up: Tune in to our upcoming community update for details on exciting events on the horizon.

  • Partnership with DxSale: We have partnered with DeSale to revolutionize the Web3 landscape, aiming to enhance platform integrations and user experiences.

  • Future DID Quests: Expect more DID-related quests as we continue to expand our focus on decentralized identity solutions.

Development Progress

  • Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function: Now at 93%, we’re nearing completion, enhancing our trading capabilities within the EVM space.
  • ONT to ONTD Conversion Contract: Progress has reached 60%, making the conversion process more streamlined and user-friendly.
  • ONT Leverage Staking Design: Currently at 43%, this development promises innovative staking options for the community.

Product Development

  • ONTO x NFTFeed Giveaway: ONTO is having a giveaway with NFTFeed! Don’t miss your chance to win exclusive NFTs.

  • ONTO x XSTAR Giveaway Winners: Congratulations to the winners of the ONTO x XSTAR giveaway! Rewards have been distributed.

On-Chain Activity

  • DApp Ecosystem Stability: The total number of dApps on our MainNet holds steady at 177.
  • Transaction Growth: This week saw an increase of 570 dApp-related transactions, totaling 7,769,159, and a total transaction increase on MainNet by 2,111, reaching 19,462,273.

Community Growth

  • Vibrant Community Discussions: Our platforms on Twitter and Telegram are buzzing with the latest developments and interactions. Join us to stay connected and involved.
  • Telegram Discussion on Interoperable DID Solutions: This week, led by Ontology Loyal Members, we explored “Interoperable DID Solutions: Web2, Web3, and Beyond,” discussing the implications for KYC, login systems, and peer-to-peer interactions.