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Ontology Weekly Report (Jan 31st — Feb 5th, 2024)

🚀 Highlights

Exciting news — we’re now live with Binance Pay! Experience seamless transactions with Ontology and Binance Pay.

Latest Developments

  • Data Protection & Digital Identity: We’ve shared insightful details on how Ontology contributes to data protection and digital identity in our latest article.

  • Space with Gitcoin Passport: Engaging discussions on identity verification with Gitcoin Passport, exploring the future of digital identities.

  • Sri Lanka Harbinger Initiative: Our harbinger in Sri Lanka showcased using ONT to buy coffee, bringing blockchain into everyday life.

Development Progress

  • Account Abstraction Research: Nearly complete at 98%, enhancing both user experience and security.
  • Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function: Progressing well at 60%, expanding our trading function capabilities.

Product Development

  • ONTO Lists RUNEX: We’re excited to introduce RUNEX on ONTO, broadening our ecosystem.

  • Joint Giveaway with Blast Name Service: Participate in our latest giveaway and win exciting rewards!

On-Chain Activity

  • 177 total dApps on MainNet as of Feb 5th, 2024.
  • 7,729,825 total dApp-related transactions on MainNet, with an increase of 3,855 from last week.
  • 19,242,395 total transactions on MainNet, marking an increase of 15,885 from the previous week.

Community Growth

  • Stay Connected: Our Twitter and Telegram channels are alive with the latest updates and community interactions. Come join the conversation!
  • Telegram Discussion: Led by Ontology Loyal Members, focusing on consortium blockchain, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration.