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Ontology Weekly Report (November 7th - November 13rd)

Hey Ontonauts! 👋 Get ready for an exciting ride through this week’s highlights and achievements in our ever-growing Ontology universe! 🌏✨

🤝 Power Partnerships!

  • Hackathon Hype with DecentralizedID: We teamed up with DecentralizedID for a mind-blowing hackathon! The innovation was off the charts! 🛠️💡

  • DIF Hackathon Twitter Space: Our DID-focused event was a roaring success, showcasing the brightest stars in the decentralized identity sky! 🌟🎤

🛠️ Tech Triumphs!

  • Discord Weekly Update: A vibrant chat with all you amazing folks! We dived deep into what makes Ontology tick! 🗣️💬

  • AMA with UQUID: You asked, we answered! Another insightful AMA wrapped up, packed with nuggets of knowledge. 🎙️💭

📈 Development Milestones!

  • Ontology Batch Trading RPC: Racing towards completion at 65%! 🏁
  • stONT Mainnet: It’s live and kicking! 🚀
  • Account Abstraction Research: We’re 30% into uncovering new possibilities! 🔍
  • ERC20 Payment System in AA Account: Progressing smoothly at 10%. 🛠️

🌟 Product Parade!

  • ONTO’s DApp Delights: Check out the Top 10 DApps for October. They’re sizzling hot! 🔥📱

  • Chain Champions: Revealing October’s Top 10 Most Popular Chains. 🏆🔗

  • Halloween Campaign Winners: Our spooky winners claimed their treats through ONTO’s red packet feature. 🎃🎉

📊 On-Chain Chronicles!

  • Total dApps on MainNet: A whopping 165 as of now! 📈
  • DApp-Related Transactions: Climbed to 7,700,645 — that’s a solid increase from last week! 📊
  • Total Transactions on MainNet: Reached 19,055,991, jumping up by 10,485! 💹

🤗 Community Corner!

  • Telegram Talks: Our Ontology Loyal Members led an enlightening discussion on stONT. 🗨️👥
  • Twitter & Telegram Tidbits: We kept the buzz alive with regular updates. Stay tuned for more! 📢📱

📰 Global Glimpses!

  • Ontology at Staking Summit: We made waves at a major staking event! 🌊🎤