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Ontology Weekly Report (October 3rd — 9rd, 2023)

Hey there, Ontology Community! Another week, another dive into Ontology’s realm of wonders. We’re soaring in social volume — ranking 3rd this week! 🚀

The Latest and Greatest 🛠️

  • 🎉 L2 Sequencer is a wrap! 100% complete!
  • 🌟 ONT Liquid Staking is almost there — 95% tested and 90% front-end developed!
  • 🔧 Ontology batch trading RPC is making progress, now 35% done!

What’s New on the Block? 🎁

  • 📣 Released a User Feedback Quest because your voice matters!

  • 🏆 Revealed the Top 10 most popular DApps in ONTO!

Ontology By the Numbers 📊

  • 164 dApps on MainNet, up and running!
  • 7,690,285 total dApp transactions, that’s 6258 more than last week!
  • 19,003,242 total MainNet transactions, an increase of 24,372!

Community Vibes 🤗

  • Our Telegram chat was buzzing with discussions led by Ontology Loyal Members about the “Top 7 Decentralized Identity Protocols”. 🛡️

What’s the Buzz? 🗞️

  • Thursday Talks went on as planned, an intellectual treat as always!

  • We’re part of the Goshen Yop Goshen Gears campaign!

Hope you find this helpful! Until next week, let’s keep building our digital utopia! 🌏💖