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Ontology Weekly Report (September 5- September 11, 2023)

Hey there, Ontology Family! 🤗 Another awesome week in our collective journey to shape a decentralized, equitable digital world has passed. Let’s dive right in to catch up on all the exciting happenings! 🌟

Highlights 🌠

A Busy Week for Ontology!

  • All For Staking Conference: We were there, spreading the word about Ontology’s capabilities and what’s brewing next. More updates to come — stay tuned! 📡

  • Permissionless Event: Represented by the one and only Humpty, Ontology made a mark! 

🌟Latest Developments 🔧

Development Milestones 🎯

  • L2 Sequencing Service: We’ve hit the target! 100% done, folks! 🎉
  • ONT Liquid Staking: Nearly there — 90% done with testing and 80% on the frontend development. 🛠️
  • Ontology Batch Trading RPC: Baby steps, but we’re 20% in! 🌱

Product Awesomeness 🛍️

  • Base Ecosystem: We’re thrilled to be a part of this! 🤝

  • Security Update: Heads up! If you’re using iOS, please update to 16.6.1 to bolster your security. 🛡️

  • ONTO’s Mini Puzzle Game: Solve and have fun! 🧩

  • Empowering Content: Articles on decentralized wallets and their security aspects are live! 📝

  • DApp and Token Rankings: Check out ONTO’s most popular picks of the week! 📊

On-Chain Activity 📈

164 total dApps on MainNet: As of September 11, we’re growing strong! 🌳

dApp-related Transactions: 7,692,461 total, up by 14,116 from last week! 📈

Total MainNet Transactions: 18,973,195, that’s an increase of 9,219. Let’s keep the momentum going! 🚀

Community Growth 🌱

Weekly Telegram Chat: Led by our Ontology Loyal Members, we discussed “What Is Blockchain Network Congestion?” 🤔 Earn the chance to win some cool NFTs! 🎨

Stay Connected: Don’t miss out — follow us on Twitter and Telegram. 🐦📱

Global News 🌍

OWN101 Series: This week, we got into ‘Web3’ — the future of the internet! Learn how it’s all about user control, security, and decentralization. 🌐

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Before we wrap up, here’s a quick quote to inspire you:

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” — Alan Kay

Thanks for being an integral part of our journey. Until next week, Ontology family! 🌟👋