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Ontology Weekly Report (August 8 — August 14, 2023)

🔥 Exciting Times!

Amidst all the action, Ontology offers you two dynamic choices: stake your ONT or step up and mold the network as a candidate node creator. Your journey with us is packed with opportunities!  

💡 Progress Unleashed

Our development engines are roaring:

🔹 ONT liquid staking testing has advanced by 75%.

🔹 Crafting the ONT liquid staking frontend is at 55% completion.

🔹 Ontology’s latest version 2.4.4 is out, geared with enhancements and improvements that matter.  

🛠️ Power in Your Hands

Experience the product might:

🔹 Onto Web Wallet V0.9.6 is now live, expanding support to a whopping 15 chains.  

  🔹 Dive into the ONTO Wallet Article — a comprehensive tour of features, from staking to swapping and the magic of nodes.  

  🔹 Unlock the secrets of the ONG reward activity that’s all about inviting new users and spreading the Ontology magic.  

⛓ Blockchain Buzz

Our MainNet arena is thriving:

164 dApps are in full bloom (as of August 7, 2023).

🔄 A spirited 7,677,244 dApp-related transactions have taken place on MainNet, surging up by 2,347 from last week.

📈 A grand total of 18,945,943 transactions have rippled through MainNet, rising by 8,301 from last week.  

🌟 Community Connect

💬 Join our Weekly Community Call, where we immersed in the realm of decentralized identity, and heard vibrant discussions.

🗣️ Engage in our Telegram Community Discussion, led by the spirited Ontology Loyal Members. We probed “Composability in Decentralized Finance” and rewarded winners with coveted NFTs.

🐦📢 Don’t miss a beat on Twitter and Telegram — the hub for the freshest updates and heartwarming community vibes.

💼 Great news! We’re excited to share that $ONT has officially joined the LOVELY WALLET family.  

📚 Uncover OWN101

📖 This week’s OWN101 spotlight takes you into the heart of ‘Immutable Ledger’. It’s the bedrock of blockchain, where records remain unchangeable and trust reigns supreme.