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Ontology Roadmap 2023

2022 was a year of learning for many in the Web3 space. The lessons learned breed resilience and encourage all to sharpen their focus on security and stability. Despite the challenges, one thing remains certain: the Web3 community remains vibrant and ready to build the next iteration of the Web.

Those projects that continue to build require the infrastructure for Web3 that they deserve. It needs to be More Optimized than before and built specifically to encourage More Adoption. That is where Ontology is well positioned to become a key part of that burgeoning Web3 infrastructure and ecosystem development, through its accessibility and developer-friendly nature.

As always, the underlying technology is continuously being advanced to ensure ease of access for developers and to provide a truly optimized experience. Beyond that, the comprehensive decentralized identity (DID) framework of ONT ID will be promoted to an expanding network of builders and partners. To support this goal, the $10 million Ontology EVM Fund will be upgraded, with renewed determination to onboard the next generation of era-defining Web3 applications.

In the next phase of the roadmap, Ontology commits to the following:


1) The continuous optimization of Ontology’s MainNet performance:

  • Memory usage
  • Storage cost
  • Execution performance

2) Node and user staking function/UI optimization to provide smoother and more convenient staking experience for users.

3) Improving the Ontology EVM Web3 interface to maximize development efficiency, and reduce EVM project access costs.

4) Optimize technical documents and third-party documents to improve development efficiency and reduce developer learning costs, making it more developer friendly.

5) Maintain a focus on Layer 2: Track the progress of related technologies, further the research and development of the realization and usability of Layer 2 and related ecosystem tools, and aims to reach system integration with Layer 2 projects.

6) Further hone in on security: Strengthen the research on cryptographic technologies such as zero-knowledge proof, especially the combination of zero-knowledge proof and decentralized identity and data.

7) Continuously iterate other OWN Infrastructure features to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the Web3 infrastructure.


With continuous efforts in building the decentralized identity framework, we are pleased to see a relatively comprehensive and complete ONT ID and data framework, with products including ONT Login, ONT Tag, Mercury, and OScore. There are now Ontology-powered applications in DeFi, automobile, music, payments, and more. In 2023, we will vigorously promote and continue to explore further use cases for decentralized identities and data. We will provide value-added services for more projects to integrate decentralized identity, data, and reputation management and further protect user privacy and data.


The release of the upgraded $10 million Ontology EVM Fund will be devoted to simplifying the onboarding process, making it easier for developers to build on the Ontology EVM.

At the same time, Ontology will continue to expand and strengthen the ecosystem development of its underlying blockchain and OWN infrastructure.

We welcome everybody to join the community of contributors, builders, and developers to build a better Web3 future with us!

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