Wanted: Bold Adventurers to Journey Into Web3 and the Metaverse

As Ontology community members, we have chosen a life of adventure where we push the boundaries of what is possible. We are pioneers, explorers, choosers of the road less travelled. Now, looking to fund our adventures and fuel our journeys into uncharted lands, Ontology has created a $10 million (ONT/ONG equivalent) EVM Fund. The fund, which has been launched in celebration of the recent release of Ontology’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), aims to support Web3 developers building on Ontology.

We invite you to join us on what could be our greatest adventure to date, entering the Metaverse. Web3 will bring us together to game, invest, communicate, and innovate online. It will offer a world where we are self-sovereign and not simply a product which companies capitalize on by collecting our data. In the new era of the web, there can be a decentralized metaverse world where we have more control over our identity and our data.

Fueled by the new Ontology EVM Fund, we can make this vision a reality. We have made $10 million equivalent funding available to support suitable projects who are working towards creating an incredible Metaverse that is open and decentralized. Of course, success on a new planet is not only dependent upon finances. That is why further to the support offered by the Ontology EVM Fund, developers will benefit from a Fast, Accessible, and Secure public chain with a focus on Decentralized Identity and Data. Projects also benefit from the growing user base of ONTO Wallet, which already has over 800k users, and the flagship identity solution, ONT ID, which has been created over 1.5 million times. Ontology offers projects the opportunity to achieve exposure by top level media outlets and the opportunity to join the crypto conversation with some of the leaders in the space.

We think of these projects as spacecrafts, the driving force behind a shared mission and the stable vessel that holds collective explorers together. If you are one of these projects/spacecrafts, bring your crew to join us on an adventure. We have landing platforms prepared on Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars. Our ground crew is waiting to welcome you with the resources you need. Simply check out below to see which planet best suits your needs. Should you possess an adventurous spirit, but not yet own a spacecraft and team, then do not fear. We have space on our public spacecraft where you can put your skills to use and be rewarded for your endeavors. These flights take you to Mercury and to the Moon, where you can take part in Bug Bounties and Hackathons. See the details below.

So how can we support your adventurous spirit? What can we do to make our journey a success? What awaits you when you land on your planet of choice. Whilst we only have limited space available, each selected project will be eligible for rewards to help them succeed. See the landing and flight plans below.We are going to the Metaverse. Are you coming with us?

Submit your application to join us on our journey by proposing on the Ontology Community Forum.

Technical Reference

Links of tools and docs about the Ontology EVM:

  • Ontology Bridge: https://bridge.ont.io/testnet/
  • Ontology Explorer: https://explorer.ont.io/testnet
  • EVM smart contract development doc: https://docs.ont.io/guides-and-tutorials/development-guides/smart-contract-dev/evm-contract
  • Ontology EVM supported Web3 API: https://docs.ont.io/developer-tools/api/eth-web3-api