The Team

  • Jun LI
    Founder of Ontology

    Jun is the founder of Ontology and an avid believer in decentralized identity and data solutions’ potential to change the world. He is a highly regarded blockchain solutions architect with 17 year’s experience in IT and fintech. With a vast array of knowledge about technical architecture, management, and planning support, Jun uses his skills to lead Ontology, managing the development of the ecosystem and the people that drive its progress.

  • Gloria WU
    Chief of Ecosystem Partnerships

    Gloria is Chief of Ecosystem Partnerships at Ontology. A master relationship builder, she combines her deep knowledge of the blockchain space with her powerful communications skills, in order to seek out and build the partnerships that are essential for growing the Ontology ecosystem to include new use cases, products and community members.

  • Erick Pinos
    Americas Ecosystem Lead

    Erick is the Americas Ecosystem Lead at Ontology. An MIT alumnus, he has his ear to the ground when it comes to all things blockchain and crypto in the Americas and beyond. His extensive business acumen and ability to set up channels and develop Ontology’s message within the Americas market is invaluable for the growth of the ecosystem within this key region.

  • Humpty Calderon
    Head of Community

    Humpty Calderon is Head of Community at Ontology. A passionate technologist and marketer with over 15 years of experience in building successful businesses across fintech and information technology, Humpty is adept at delivering solutions that improve communication and collaboration across organizations. Bringing his wealth of expertise in community building, product management, and marketing, Humpty’s mission at Ontology is to foster a collaborative global community that supports its development and ultimately makes blockchain accessible to everyone through meaningful engagement and accessible onramps.

  • Morio Katayama
    Japan Ecosystem Lead

    Morio Katayama is Japan Ecosystem Lead at Ontology. Since January 2020, Mario has led the business development, PR, and marketing activities for Ontology in Japan, providing support to Japanese users and organizing information sessions and events to expand the business and its community in the region. He honed his skills by working in community and project management roles for blockchain projects and is now utilizing this experience to drive Ontology forward in Japan.

  • Dr. Kendall MAO
    Chief Scientist

    Dr. Kendall Mao is Chief Scientist at Ontology. With a PhD in cryptography, Dr. Mao is committed to driving innovation and research of blockchain and cryptography, as well as real world use case applications. His expertise lies in blockchain consensus mechanisms, blockchain privacy protection, and data security, and his work as a scientist is key for exploring innovative decentralized identity solutions which can solve real world problems.

  • Ning HU
    Chief of Technology

    Ning is Chief of Technology at Ontology. As one of the first Semantic Web experts in China, he has almost two decades experience in software development and high-level technology. An expert in big data management and artificial intelligence (AI), Ning uses his extensive knowledge of product development and computer science to develop the technology that drives Ontology’s public chain, products and solutions.


Matsuyama KITAO Takayuki

After working for one of the largest specialized trading companies in Japan, a foreign financial institution, and a Japanese consulting firm, he has been working as an advisor for a start-up IT venture. Prior to becoming Ontology's advisor, he provided supply chain operations improvement support services for pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturing organizations using cloud-based inventory management systems. He also partners with Japanese government agencies to provide IT solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, and university research institutions.

John Izaguirre

John is an advisor to Ontology. John has a vast array of experience in collaborating with multiple stakeholders to determine audience interest and develop strategic go-to-market communication plans that align with the company’s creative business priorities and initiatives.



Ontology joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF)


Ontology officially launched in New York City


Ontology Sharding design released


Ontology Decentralized Identifier (DID) formally added to the W3C-CCG DID


ONTO Wallet went live


Ontology MainNet official launched


Ontology introduced the Triones Consensus System


Ontology launched VBFT consensus mechanism


Ontology published White Paper 2.0


Ontology proposed blockchain standards approved by IEEE


Ontology launched OScore, a self-sovereign credit evaluation score


Ontology partnered with Daimler Mobility to automobile blockchain platform


The first credit-based, cross-chain DeFi platform - Wing Finance went live


Ontology 2.0 released


Ontology Layer 2 released


Ontology Multi-VM support launched


Ontology Wasm-JIT released


Blockchain SaaS Framework (Add-on store) alpha released


ONT Login and ONT TAG launched


Ontology EVM development completed


The first cross-chain web wallet — ONTO Web Wallet launched