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Ontology Monthly Report — September 2023

Hello Ontology Community! 🤗 September has been a remarkable month! From new milestones and partnerships to community growth, let’s celebrate what we’ve accomplished together. 🎉

Community and Web3 Influence 🌐🤝

  • Participated in Korean Blockchain Week.

  • We were at Token 2049.

  • Reached 40K Followers on CMC: Thank you for being part of our growth! 🎉

Development/Corporate Updates 🔧

Development Milestones 🎯

  • Layer 2 Sequencer: Completed at 100%! 🌟
  • ONT Liquid Staking: Nearing completion with 95% on contract and 90% on frontend! 🛠️.
  • Software Updates: Progressing well on Batch Transactions Pre-Execution, now 40% complete! 🌱

Events and Partnerships 🤝

  • Welcomed CJournal, a decentralized journalism platform, to the ONTO Wallet! 🗞️

  • Hosted an engaging Twitter Space with Phemex! 🎙️

ONTO Wallet Developments 🌐🛍️

  • Support for 60+ Leading Networks: Making ONTO Wallet your go-to for all things crypto! 🌍

  • Version V4.5.5: Continuously improving! 🌟

  • ONTO Wallet was at Token 2049 🚀

  • Engaging Activities: Launched a mini puzzle game! 🎲

  • ONTO Wallet published August Monthly Report

On-Chain Metrics 📊

  • 164 Total dApps on MainNet: Steady growth! 🌳
  • Total dApp Transactions: Increased by 8,321 to 7,686,726! 📈
  • Total MainNet Transactions: A notable increase by 32,445, reaching 18,987,677! 🚀

Community Engagement 💬

  • Conducted insightful discussions on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter about “AI vs Web3,” “What is Socialfi,” and “Blockchain Network Congestion.” 🗨️
  • Celebrated Loyal Member NFTs: Kudos to our active community participants! 🏆

Recruitment 🌱

  • We’re growing! Check our website for roles like Software Developer, GO, and Front-end Engineer. Come join us in building the future! 🌟

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.” — Albert Einstein

Let’s continue to imagine and build a more equitable digital world, Ontology community! 🌏❤️ See you in October! 👋🍂