Ontology Partners with ZAICO to Empower its Inventory Management System, Increasing Traceability, Transparency, and Trust


Ontology, the public blockchain specializing in decentralized identity and data, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading cloud inventory management software company, ZAICO. Ontology aims to provide solutions to ZAICO’s inventory management platform to help increase traceability, transparency, and trust.

ZAICO makes inventory management of large amounts of stock faster and easier. The free cloud application for inventory management is accessible through web and smartphone applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android. ZAICO’s cloud storage system allows for inventory to be counted in real-time, allowing its employees to work anywhere at any time.

By adopting Ontology’s blockchain technology, specifically its attestation service, ZAICO will develop greater control over how its information is shared and utilized. Together, the companies are building an anti-falsification solution to promote accurate and traceable inventory management. As a result of the partnership, ZAICO’s Japanese clients will soon enjoy secure, trustworthy blockchain-based inventory management at a low cost.

Commenting on the partnership, Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, said, “Inventory management has historically been plagued with lengthy, unreliable processes and lists housed on excel sheets which are prone to error and leave businesses vulnerable to malpractice. Now, via the use of blockchain in its inventory management systems in partnership with Ontology, ZAICO will increase traceability, transparency, and trust, in its services. Our recent partnership with AP.LLC will help facilitate integration with ZAICO and other third parties, as we further promote decentralized identity solutions within inventory management.”

Tamura Toshihide, Founder and CEO of ZAICO Inc., said “ZAICO develops and sells innovative cloud inventory management software with the vision to improve societal efficiency by collecting, arranging, and providing information on goods around the world, with the power of technology. With this partnership, we are thrilled to be able to provide improved and enhanced features powered by blockchain-based solutions which benefit our clients.”  

About Ontology

Ontology is a high performance, public blockchain specializing in decentralized identity and data. Ontology’s unique infrastructure supports robust cross-chain collaboration and Layer 2 scalability, offering businesses the flexibility to design a blockchain that suits their needs. With a suite of decentralized identity and data sharing protocols to enhance speed, security, and trust, Ontology’s features include ONT ID, a mobile digital ID application and DID used throughout the ecosystem, and DDXF, a decentralized data exchange and collaboration framework. For more, visit ont.io.


ZAICO is a cloud inventory management software that has been supported by a total of 120,000 users. It is a free to start service that can be used on PCstabletsiPadsiPhones, and Android applications, and supports the smooth development of businesses by optimizing inventory management as well as reducing the number of personnel and costs involved in inventory management. A series of research support services, including ZAICO, were accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as a “Research Support Service Partnership Accreditation System” on April 1, 2020. ZAICO continues to expand and enhance its services and functions to contribute to the improvement of Japan’s research environment, the promotion of science and technology, and the fostering of innovation.  

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