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Ontology Monthly Report — June 2022

Ontology announced the release of the OWN (Ontology Web3 Network) infrastructure for Web3, providing universal blockchain protocols and products.

Developments/Corporate Updates

Development Progress

  • We are 100% done with the Rollup VM design, the White Paper will be published soon.
  • We are 100% done with the Ontology EVM with support for the filter function.
  • We are 85% done with the RISCV instruction set contract implementation.
  • We are 86% done with the Rollup RISCV EVM actuator.
  • We are 90% done with the Rollup L1<->L2 cross-layer communication design.
  • We are 25% done with the Rollup L1<->L2 Token Bridge.
  • We are 50% done with the L1 data synchronization server.
  • We are 40% done with the L2 Rollup Node.

Product Development

  • ONTO App v4.3.0 brought support for the zkSync chain, Optimism chain, Caduceus chain, Clover chain, and asset swap on Polygon. It also added security alerts on asset receiving pages and improved the transaction history filtering feature.
  • ONTO App integrated the futuristic Create2Earn multichain universe NFT Moon Metaverse and MetaRising, an NFT-based Clean2Earn metaverse, and the automated Web3 protocol TARS Protocol which provides trusted on-chain solutions for investment relationships.
  • ONTO has published its May monthly report, summarizing a series of functional optimizations, various exciting activities and cooperations, as well as the progress of its global ecosystem growth.
  • ONTO hosted various online activities such as the NFT lottery campaign with NEAR Protocol, CLV, Ivy Market, HakuSwap, Caduceus, SmashCash and Anonverse. Participating in ONTO will earn rewards such as NFTs. Follow the @ONTO Wallet Official Announcement in Telegram for more details!

On-Chain Activity

  • As of June 24, 2022, there have been 144 dApps launched in total on MainNet.
  • There have been a total of 7,068,328 dApp-related transactions completed on MainNet, an increase of 62,557 dApp-related transactions compared to the past month.
  • There have been a total of 17,661,118 transactions completed on MainNet, an increase of 194,362 transactions compared to the past month.

Community Growth & Bounty

  • This month, several Ontology Community Calls and discussions were held on Discord and Telegram as usual, focusing on topics such as the “Ontology Web3 Network” Having recently launched the OWN Infrastructure template for Web3 building, community members discussed the possible development direction of Web3 facilities and related issues such as compliance. They also discussed Ontology Web3 Domains, which successfully participated in the Hackathon, believing there is a complementarity relationship between “Domains and Identity” that can help each other move forward.
  • To celebrate the fourth anniversary of the mainnet launch, Ontology will hold several online events in July. Community members not only have the opportunity to directly win ONG rewards, but also collect a variety of limited NFTs for the fourth anniversary.
  • As always, we’re active on Twitter and Telegram where you can keep up with our latest developments and community updates. To join Ontology’s Telegram group and keep up to date, click here.

New Team Members

We are delighted to welcome our newest members of the Ontology team. This month, we welcomed a Product Manager, an Android Engineer, an iOS Engineer, a Quality Assurance Engineer, and a Go Engineer.


At Ontology, we are always looking to expand our team. We currently have a list of open roles and are looking to hire ambitious and hardworking individuals (see below). Check out our website for full details.

  • Senior Software Developer, Java
  • Software Developer, Go
  • Blockchain Test Development Engineer
  • Engineer, iOS
  • Engineer, Research
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Blockchain Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Associate Analyst, Operations
  • Senior Associate, Operations
  • English Editor

Out & About — Event Spotlight

It was all hands on deck this month with a string of news and developments:

  • Odaily, a well-known blockchain media platform, published “Technology and System — Which is the primary productive force?”, the first edition of OWN Insights written by Ontology Founder Li Jun. He defines Web3 as a comprehensive product of technology and systems. He proposes that the concept of Web3 also arouses people’s hope, love and vision from the two aspects of technology and system.
  • Ontology participated in the Consensus 2022 conference. Erick Pinos, our Americas Ecosystem Lead, Humpty Calderon, our Head of Community, and Gloria WU, our Chief of Ecosystem Partnerships met insightful industry friends, as well as ecosystem and medium partners, sharing ideas around topics such as Web3 and the Metaverse.
  • Erick, our Americas Ecosystem Lead, was invited to participate in DCentral Austin at Consensus 2022, moderating the panel, “Shifting To A Decentralized Future”. He had an in-depth discussion on Metaverses, GameFi, DAOs and other topics with guests from various sectors of the industry.
  • Humpty Calderon, our Head of Community, was invited to speak at Synopsis Events, delivering a keynote on “Ontology ecosystems and how Ontology is building the infrastructure and tools for Web3.”
  • The Ontology Grant Hackathon with DoraHacks Applicant Demo showcase is in progress. A total of 26 projects have participated in the competition and applied for incentives. Ontology Web3 Domains (.ont), a new project to build Web3 domains, has attracted the attention of the Ontology community.
  • Ontology full nodes are now available at NOWNodes, a famous node and block explorer. Developers can obtain free APIs and check related nodes through NOWNodes.