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Ontology Monthly Report - February 2024

February has been another thrilling month at Ontology, marked by significant strides in community engagement, development milestones, and expanding our influence within the Web3 sphere. Let’s dive into the highlights and achievements that have shaped our journey this month. 🌐🚀

Community and Web3 Influence 🌐🤝

  • Binance Pay Integration: Our community’s excitement peaked with a video featuring our Sri Lanka Harbinger, Dilip, using ONT to buy coffee via Binance Pay! This step forwards in practical blockchain applications showcases Ontology’s commitment to real-world utility. ☕🔗

  • Galxe Campaign Feature: Ontology’s campaign was spotlighted on the Galxe homepage, inviting users to explore the vast potentials of Web3 through our innovative platform. 🌟

  • Web3 Wonderings: Our engaging session with MindNetwork delved into the intricacies of compliant zero-knowledge transfers, fostering a deeper understanding among our community members. 🧠💡

  • Community Growth: The Guild leaderboard and the launch of the Ontology native testnet faucet on Bware Labs are testaments to our vibrant ecosystem’s continuous expansion. 📈

  • Educational Content: Publishing an insightful article on ONT and ONG has furthered our mission to educate and empower our community. 📘

  • ETH Denver Participation: We’re excited to connect with the community at ETH Denver, showcasing Ontology’s innovations and building stronger networks. 🏔️🤝

Development/Corporate Updates 🔧

Development Milestones 🎯

  • Batch Trading RPC Completion: Achieving 100% development on the Ontology batch trading RPC is a major milestone, enhancing our platform’s efficiency and capability. ✅
  • EVM Trace Trading Function: Our progress on the Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function, now at 65%, signifies our growing presence in the EVM ecosystem. 🔄

Events and Partnerships 🤝

  • AMA with UQUID: An engaging AMA session with UQUID has strengthened our community ties and fostered informative exchanges. 🗣️

  • Staking through StackUp: The introduction of ONT staking on the Ontology mainnet via StackUp opens new avenues for community participation and rewards. 💰

ONTO Wallet Developments 🌐🛍️

  • Security and Partnerships: Inclusion in the GoPlus Security universe and collaborations with Befi Labs underscore our dedication to security and strategic growth. 🛡️

  • New Listings and Giveaways: The listing of Dragon Force and a joint giveaway with Blast Name Service have added excitement and value for our users. 🐉💎

On-Chain Metrics 📊

  • DApp Growth: The ecosystem continues to flourish with 177 total dApps on MainNet. 🌱
  • Transaction Increases: There was a significant growth in transactions, with dApp transactions growing by 2,790 and MainNet transactions soaring by 10,045. 🚀

Community Engagement 💬

Lively Discussions: Our social platforms have been abuzz with discussions on a variety of topics, driven by our engaged and loyal community members. 🗨️Recognition: The issuance of NFTs to active community members celebrates the spirit of contribution and participation within our ecosystem. 🏆