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Ontology Monthly Report - November 2023

Community and Web3 Influence 🌐🤝

  • Staking Innovation: Exciting news! We launched the beta of stONT staking. A significant step forward in our journey!

  • Weekly Updates: Clare’s weekly community updates every Friday continue to be a highlight. Don’t miss these engaging sessions!

  • Web3 Landscape Discussions: Our weekly space delved into the latest and most relevant topics in the Web3 world, sparking enriching conversations!

Consensus and Engagement:

  • Consensus Round 221: Wrapped up with an impressive 22.56% staking rate. Thanks for your active participation!

  • Ontology Quiz Fun: Our November quiz concluded, bringing both knowledge and joy to our community!

Development/Corporate Updates 🔧

Development Milestones 🎯

  • Batch Trading RPC: We’re 80% done with the Ontology batch trading RPC, moving steadily towards completion.
  • Account Abstraction Research: Making great strides, we’re 50% into our research.
  • ERC-20 Payment System in AA Account: Another 50% milestone achieved here!

Events and Partnerships 🤝

  • DIF’s Hackathon Sponsorship: Proud to support and be part of this innovative event.

  • AMA with Uquid: Explored the exciting possibilities in crypto shopping.

  • Digital Identity Twitter Space: In collaboration with DIF, Polygon ID, and others, we discussed the vast potential of digital identity.

  • Enhanced Experience with ChangeNow: Our partnership with ChangeNow’s telegram bot is elevating user crypto experiences.

  • Strategic Partnership with BWare LABs: Taking the blockchain landscape to new heights.

  • UQUID’s Black Friday AMA: We joined this exciting event, sharing insights and learning together.

ONTO Wallet Developments 🌐🛍️

  • Halloween Meme Contest: Winners announced! Rewards sent via ONTO’s red packet. Congrats to the winners!

  • stONT Staking Tutorial: We’ve rolled out an informative tutorial for our community.

  • FIO Domain Campaign: Successful campaign with joinFIO for FIO domain registrations.

  • Listing Optimism Name Service: Expanding our offerings with this new addition.

On-Chain Metrics 📊

  • DApp Growth: 165 Total dApps on MainNet. Our ecosystem continues to flourish! 🌳
  • Transaction Increases: Total dApp transactions grew by 2,524, reaching 7,706,862. MainNet transactions soared by 8,620, hitting a new high of 19,076,899! 🚀

Community Engagement 💬

  • Engaging Discussions: Lively and insightful chats on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, covering topics like Self-Sovereign Identity and DeFi 2.0.
  • Loyal Member NFTs: A big shoutout to our active community members! Your participation is invaluable. 🏆