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Learn What it Takes to Become the Next Ontology Harbinger

Harbinger: one that initiates a major change; a person or thing that originates or helps open up a new activity, method, or technology; pioneer (cited from Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

The Ontology Harbinger team was first introduced in March, 2020. This program has been successful in helping us build a stronger global community presence.

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our MainNet launch, we are excited to launch our Harbinger Program v2 to further expand and grow Ontology’s community and ecosystem around the world.

What is an Ontology Harbinger?

Harbingers are exceptional leaders that help Ontology continue to grow its community and ecosystem, making it an ever-stronger blockchain, and decentralized identity and data leader.  

How to become a Harbinger?

We aim to choose members who have proven themselves to be invaluable to Ontology and our community. Harbingers are ambassadors of Ontology’s vision, constantly responding to community questions and advocating for Ontology on social media and beyond.

Harbingers need to be passionate about blockchain, crypto, decentralized identity and data, and of course, should already be a supporter of Ontology and care about its development.

If you are already an active, loyal, and supporting Ontology Tier 1 admin:

Congratulations! You are automatically recognized as an Ontology Harbinger for your wonderful support in our past three years’ journey. You will be a role model for our new Harbingers. Please keep up momentum!

If you are a community member who wants to contribute and add more value:

Easy! Simply complete the tasks below and gain 200 points to be qualified to become a Harbinger. Once you’ve reached a Harbinger Score of 200, fill in the form to let us know!Project/Product/Social Channel involvement (including but not limited to OntologyONTOWingSAGADeID SummitLi Jun)  

What are the Privileges of Ontology Harbingers?

  • Recognized as part of the Ontology team, with exposure on our official website
  • A limited Ontology Harbinger NFT and other limited edition gifts
  • Get invited to all Ontology’s offline and online events as an organizer or guest
  • Direct and special access to the Ontology team (workshops and founder talks)
  • Be invited to the Monthly Harbinger Call as a speaker, promoted across all Ontology social media channels
  • Quarterly rewards in ONT/ONG

How to be a qualified Ontology Harbinger?

  • Treat the community with respect. Be compassionate to everyone who joins Ontology social channels.
  • Have a good understanding of the Ontology ecosystem. Prove your knowledge by teaching others.
  • Don’t be satisfied with sending community members to find answers on a blog or video. Personally respond to them and ensure they have a basic understanding. Only then should you send them to find additional resources. Invite them to return with any questions they encounter along the way.
  • Find unique and memorable ways to teach community members about ecosystem developments (ONT IDOScoreONTOWING, SAGA).
  • Ensure that people walk away thrilled with their experience on Telegram, Discord, etc., and are eager to use the Ontology’s products.
  • Challenge people to use at least one ONT ecosystem feature (e.g. create/backup their ONTO wallet, verify their identity, stake ONT, swap ONT for ONG on ONTO, borrow/lend on WING).
  • Challenge people to interact with the content that Ontology publishes (e.g. like/comment/retweet Twitter posts, join discussions on Reddit, join community calls on Discord, join conversations on Clubhouse/Spaces).

Primarily active channels

How are Ontology Harbingers rewarded?

Ontology’s Harbingers will be evaluated on a quarterly basis, with a base pay and bonus scheme.

Harbinger Progression System

All monthly/quarterly KPIs and payments will be discussed and agreed, individually.

Each level up automatically includes previous level responsibilities, but are more focused on the higher level responsibilities.  

You can be 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+2+3, 1+2+4, 1+3+4, 1+2+3+4; depending on the roles you play, you can earn a maximum of x amount of Base Pay per quarter based on performance.

Evaluation Metrics: Based on Frequency + Impact  

- Frequency: Online days, number of community members you’ve helped, number of AMAs hosted, number of tweets, articles, blogs, videos, tutorials, etc.

- Impact: Impressions, Engagements, New Opportunities generated, etc.

Total Pay = Base Pay + Bonus Pay (Up to 50% depending on performance)

Max Base Pay = Sum of the bonus for different roles

*If a Harbinger is not active for one month, he or she may be disqualified as an Ontology Harbinger.

Harbinger Tiers  

MVP = Most Valuable Player of the Ontology Community

You may be levelled up more quickly with outstanding performance or significant contributions to Ontology.

Note: The Ontology team reserves the final rights of interpretation for the Harbinger program.