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Everything You Need to Know about Ontology Node Staking on ONTO

Q1. Is there a guideline to Ontology node staking on ONTO?

Yes, please refer to the Ontology node staking guideline:

Q2. What is the APY for Ontology node staking on ONTO?

There is no fixed APY for Ontology node staking because it can be influenced by many factors such as Ontology’s network operation, the proportion of node fee distribution, the number of users staking, or the current price of ONT and ONG.

Users can instead refer to the Last Round Rewards per 10,000 ONT (ONG) or calculate the expected staking yield with the Node & Staking Yield Calculator:

Q3. Are the staked assets on nodes safe?

Ontology has a complete node access, in addition to providing an exit and anti-evil mechanism, so the stability of each node is high. This makes the security of the assets users stake on nodes is also incredibly high.

Q4. How long does one staking round take?

Each node staking round is synchronized with an Ontology consensus round. You can view the progress of the current consensus round at and predict the remaining time of the current consensus round based on the speed of the previous consensus round. For a deeper understanding, the guideline provided takes the 107th, 108th, 109th and 110th consensus rounds as examples, with each round taking about 2 to 3 days.

Q5. Are there limits on the node staking amount?

The minimum staking limit is 1 ONT. There is no maximum limit.

Q6. Will I be rewarded ONG immediately if I confirm the stake?

Being successfully confirmed in the round ‘T’ will result in the staking to take effect in the round ‘T+1’ and ONG rewards will start to generate at the same time.

Users are able to withdraw the ineffective part of ONT assets at any time before the staking takes effect.

Q7. How much does a transaction for node staking cost?

Confirming the stake and canceling the stake each requires a 0.05 ONG transaction fee. Users need to confirm that there is sufficient ONG in their wallet to advance.

Q8. When can users withdraw the staking rewards?

If generated in the ‘T’ round, the staking rewards allow users to withdraw at the beginning of the round ‘T+1’.

Q9. When will I receive the ONT if I cancel the stake?

If the cancellation of staking on non-Consensus node occurs round ‘T’, users are able to withdraw the ONT at the beginning of the round ‘T+1’.

If the cancellation of staking on Consensus node occurs in the round ‘T’, users are able to withdraw the ONT at the beginning of the round ‘T+2’ because the cancellation will confirmed by the Ontology network in the round ‘T+1’.

Q10. Compared with the ONT staking services provided by other third-party trading platforms and wallets, what advantages does the node staking of ONTO wallet have?

Instead of setting up a centralized staking custody, ONTO’s node staking service enables users to receive the ONG rewards directly from the nodes, making ONTO much more safe.