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🌟 Introducing stONT Beta🌟

Venture into the thrilling realm of staking with the pioneering stONT. Ontology Network proudly unveils its beta launch of stONT, our avant-garde take on liquid staking. stONT is designed to overcome traditional staking boundaries, providing a more fluid and accessible means to maximize rewards 🌱. Differing from standard staking tokens, stONT thrives by increasing its value in ONG, not by simply increasing in quantity. This unique proposition beckons all, from the seasoned to the curious, to experience the future of staking!

What You Need to Know about stONT:

  • 🎉 Beta Times: Remember, this is our beta phase, ensuring we fine-tune for perfection.
  • 📘 FAQ Alert!: Eager to learn more? We’re prepping an in-depth FAQ to answer all your burning questions.
  • 📈 Rewarding in Value: stONT’s magic lies in its ability to grow in value with ONG rewards, rather than multiplying in numbers.
  • 🔄 Automatic Transactions: After each consensus round, ONG rewards will be auto-exchanged for ONT, enhancing its compounding potential.
  • 💹 Uniform APR: All stONT holders can expect the same APR, thanks to our pooled reward sharing system. And yes, because we’re still in round one, it’s showing 0% for now.
  • 🚀 Boosted APR: stONT promises an APR higher than traditional staking, given its compounded interest magic.
  • 🔐 Stable & Secure: For now, Ontology Foundation runs the nodes providing stONT, ensuring stability and consistency. But the horizon looks promising, with more node operators joining post the testing phase.
  • 🎯 stONT & DeFi: We’re in chats with several DeFi projects for integration, with some exciting partners already on board!
  • 🤝 Staking Harmony: stONT’s birth is to enhance ONT staking’s liquidity, ensuring harmony and no conflicts.

And guess what? There’s so much more in the pipeline! Infographics, trading campaigns, AMAs, and so many more exciting updates. Keep those eyes peeled and ears perked! 📣

Dive Into Liquid Staking With Us 🌊:

Liquid staking stands as a beacon of financial freedom in our blockchain universe, offering the dual advantage of earning while maintaining asset liquidity. stONT is your gateway to this dynamic world, catering to both experienced stakers and novices. The prospect of compounded gains is sure to allure many, marking the beginning of a revolutionary staking journey.

Onwards & Upwards 🚀:

The stONT adventure is just beginning. With forthcoming integrations on DeFi platforms, the scope is vast and exciting. This initiative showcases our dedication to community empowerment and the exhilarating exploration of the infinite Web3 and staking universe 🌌.

Let’s unite, share, learn, and journey together into the mesmerizing world of liquid staking with stONT. Our united spirit propels us into this promising unknown, with countless discoveries and rewards in store. Remember, with stONT, you’re not just holding a token; you’re embarking on a universe-spanning adventure 🌏🌠.

So, Ontonauts, are you ready to explore and create new horizons together?