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Ontology Weekly Report (Dec 12th — Dec 18th, 2023)

Highlights 🌟

  • AMA with Zebec Protocol: 

🎙️We had an enlightening Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Zebec Protocol, sharing insights and answering your burning questions!

Latest Developments 🔥

  • Community Update: 💡

Our usual community update brought everyone up to speed with what’s happening in the Ontology ecosystem.

  • 6th Anniversary NFT: 🎉

Exciting news! The claim portal for our 6th Anniversary NFT is now open. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Ontology history!

Development Progress 🚀

  • Ontology Batch Trading RPC: Almost there, at 95% completion!
  • Account Abstraction Research: Progressing steadily, now 80% complete.
  • ERC20 Payment System in AA Account: Nearing completion at 90%.
  • Ontology EVM Trace Trading Function: Making headway, currently at 15%.

Product Development 🛠️

  • ONTO November Report: Check out what we achieved in November. It’s out now!
  • ONTO x Aborad on Galxe: We’re excited about our joint campaign with Aborad on Galxe.

  • New Partnership: ONTO is now partnered with ZKFCommunity!

On-Chain Activity 📊

  • DApps Count: A total of 168 dApps on MainNet as of December 18th, 2023.
  • dApp-Related Transactions: Reached 713,007 in total, up by 1,582 from last week.
  • Overall Transactions: 19,111,478 on MainNet, increasing by 9,167 from the previous week.

Community Growth 🌱

  • Telegram Discussion: Led by our Ontology Loyal Members, we had a vibrant discussion on Ontology EVM.
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