“A decentralized system is one which requires multiple parties to make their own independent decisions.” -Rohit Khare In an open, decentralized system the entry of peers is unregulated, meaning any peer can enter or leave the system at any time. We are firmly committed to defining the Ontology ecosystem by the principle of transparency, as seen with our partnership with Flipside Crypto, our continuous efforts to update and improve our blockchain explorer, the delivery of weekly and monthly status reports, and the issuance of regular updates regarding our token distribution and lock periods in the public domain.

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Ontology Triones Nodes

Ontology uses the Triones network consensus system for its chain network. The system provides distributed, high-performance blockchain consensus using the VBFT consensus algorithm and an incentive model. The Triones node network is composed of communities, organizations, and individuals spread across five continents. They constitute Ontology co-builders, actively contributing to the growth of our ecosystem.

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