Developer Certificate

The Ontology Developer Certificate can be claimed on Ontology blockchain. When you get a certificate, you will be written on the block and will never be erased. This certificate will also be an endorsement of your skills that will be recognized by Ontology ecosystem partners, which will help boost your career in blockchain industry.

  • If you complete one of Ontology Global University Workshop either offline or online, you can get an "Ontology Seed Developer" certificate.
  • If you successfully develop a project or an application based on Ontology blockchain, you will be issued an "Ontology Advanced Developer" certificate.
  • If your project or application wins the Klein Bottle Challenge, you will be issued an "Ontology Core Developer" certificate and become a core part of Ontology ecosystem.
  • Download ONT Auth and scan the QR code on your certificate. You will see your claimed certificate.

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