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Blockchain technology is experiencing a sustained arc of growth, a trend that has captured the attention of business leaders from a wide range of industry verticals. With a broad spectrum of use-cases that could be relevant to your business, your organization stands to gain considerably from a full embrace of this revolutionary technology. Considering the robust health of blockchain solutions more broadly, we have outlined the most common use cases and proposed solutions that have been developed at Ontology.

Data Attestation

Improving scalability, privacy, and reducing costs are the common strands of focus for most enterprises. However, it costs companies an exorbitant amount of money to store raw data and then process that data into actionable information. By storing data on the blockchain, enterprises can avail of a low-cost solution that doesn’t compromise data privacy. Decentralized attestation methods for blockchains are currently being discussed and standardized for scenarios pertaining to certification, identity, and proof of existence. In the case of a blockchain-based attestation, a claim made about the existence of information can be cryptographically verified publicly and transparently. Ontology’s attestation of models through globally unique identifiers represents a major step towards decentralized applications based on models.

Use Case

250 million pieces of OGQ digital asset content recorded on the Ontology blockchain

The mission of OGQ – the global social creator platform powered by Korea’s leading search engine “Naver” – is to provide greater copyright protection for content providers on their respective platforms. With the robust support of Ontology, OGQ enables content creators to upload and sell their digital asset content, including emojis, images, videos, music, new fonts, stickers, and memes to fans, providing greater copyright protection for creators in their network. Ontology’s data attestation solution provides users with the opportunity to purchase digital asset content using OEP-4 tokens on the Ontology public blockchain, and the creators will also have the opportunity to receive token rewards. 250 million pieces of OGQ digital asset content will be recorded on the Ontology public chain, which will be the largest public blockchain attestation so far, ensuring the creator’s copyright is fully protected and users are rightfully recognized.

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Check the latest attestation status here:

Adoption of Ontology in the New Energy Logistics Vehicle Industry - KAIYUN Delivery

With heightened global concern regarding air pollution and energy safety, new energy vehicles (NEVs) are beginning to transform the automobile industry. Ontology collaborated with Kaiyun Delivery, a comprehensive logistics service provider focusing on urban transportation and terminal-end deliveries, to empower the new energy vehicle industry to improve the efficiency of urban deliveries and lower the execution costs. We provide full tech support to Kaiyun Delivery to accelerate the integration of resources on all levels, digitize the behavior of the actors that are part of the chain, enable information sharing at all points of communication, create mutual trust among multiple parties, and fully mobilize industry resources to form a more efficient and easy-to-use transport capacity model. Kaiyun fully utilizes Ontology’s dynamic technology and expansive resources and records all the relevant data on the Ontology blockchain via a customized decentralized application (dApp). With the Kaiyun home delivery system, one can check the location of vehicles and drivers, and track vehicle paths and product status in real-time. The movements and actions of delivery drivers will also be recorded on the blockchain, providing real-time specifics around the tracking of goods, as well as any redirections in-vehicle route, or changes to cargo temperature or humidity.

Scan and get the latest attestation status
Check the latest attestation status here:

Why work with Ontology?

High-performance network

5,000+ transactions per second
Fastest consensus mechanism confirms a transaction in less than 1 second
State-of-the-art technology: DDXF ensures efficiency

Flexible integration

Multiple languages supported including, Python, Java, JS, Golang, and C++
Easily invokable “Add-on” protocol

Stable and Consistent

MainNet running smoothly since launch
Supporting 300+ dApps

Leading in innovation

Distinguished DID protocol – ONT ID used by 280,000+ individuals
Fastest WASM virtual machines: Ontology WASM-JIT
Cross-chain functionality ready to use

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